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How do I check the balance on my Sheetz Gift Card (Z-Card)?

How can I get a Sheetz franchise?

Can I purchase stock in Sheetz?

What is your operating area?

I have a great location for a new store. How can I tell you about it?

What does the word Sheetz mean?

Why does my bank say that Sheetz is "holding" pre-authorization funds?

If you are open 24/7, why do your doors have locks?

My Sheetz Rewardz

How do I replace a lost card?

Do I need a separate online account for each My Sheetz Rewardz Card I get?

How much does the My Sheetz Rewardz Card cost?

Why didn't I get my $0.3 discount on gas when I used my My Sheetz Rewardz Card?

I have a new card, but can't remember my login information

Does my card expire?

How do I sign up to get all those great Freebiez?

I've completed the online registration. Why am I not receiving emails?

When do I get my free stuff?

Can I sign up for a My Sheetz Rewardz Card online?

Why didn't I get the same email offer that my friend did?

How do I share an email address with my family members

How can I get my discount if I forgot my card?

Does the My Sheetz Rewardz Card have value?

Do my freebiez expire?

Why did you change the My Sheetz Rewardz Card program?

Will I get more with the new program?

How do I customize my Rewardz?

What happens to the Rewardz I have already earned?

How do my Pointz add up?

Do I still receive my 3 cents off everyday gas discount?

Do my Pointz expire?

How can I use my keychain card at the pump?

Can I use more than one discount at a time?


Can I purchase stock in Sheetz?

What is your operating area?

Ordering & Nutrition

Where can I find nutritional information regarding your food & beverage products?


What about E85?

What about E15?

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